Independent Laboratory Testing

All of Colony Gums products are tested for strict analysis on microbiological standards before they are sold to our customers. We only use independent Laboratories, such as Northern Labs and Sillier Labs for this review. These companies are recognized by all major food companies and provide an independent review to assure that this analysis is fair and unbiased.

Physical Testing

All physical testing such as mesh, viscosity, texture etc is done in our manufacturing facility located in Monroe, NC and preformed by our R&D Specialist. By testing these parameters in house we assure that all products meet our restrict quality standard. All of our testing procedures are reordered and can be easily utilized in your laboratories. All testing procedures conform to USP and Codex specifications.


Every product has an MSDS sheet to assure all safety and handling requirements. IF MSDS is required please click this link. Samples and Document Request.

Certificate of Analysis

For every product sold by Colony Gums has is a Certificate of Analysis available. This C of A assures that all of the products sold by Colony Gums meet our Physical analysis and Microbiological analysis. All companies require different types of procedures in requesting these C of A’s. Please advise us details on how you would like to receive this document. All C of A’s are kept on file in our main headquarters for request.

Kosher Certificate

All of Colony Gums products are certified by Orthodox Union OU.

Country of Origin Letter

There is a country of origin letter available for all products sold by Colony Gums. If Country of Origin Letter is required please click this link. Samples and Document Request.
Note: Stabilizer Products contain a variety of ingredient and may be from different origins and this will be noted on document.

Letter of Guarantee

Colony Gums will provide and Letter of Guarantee specifying conformance with the FDA or Code of Federal Regulations. Furthermore this letter guarantees conformance with Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and the Food additives Amendment.

Allergen Statements

Colony Gums maintains full control over the possible contact of our products with common food allergens as required by all of our customers. An Allergen Statement can be provided stating which, if any, allergens our products may contain or with which our products might have had contact. Allergen Statement is available upon request.

Nutritional Info

The nutritional profile for all of our products is available upon request.


Colony Gums has a HACCP program in place and is vigorously maintained by HACCP Rules and Regulations.

GMO Statement

Colony Gums can provide certification that our products are free of Genetically Modified Organisms. If a GMO Statement is required please see our Certificates Section.

Recall Program

Colony Gums maintain a recall program as specified by the FDA and Bioterrorism Act available upon request.

Third Party Audit

Our processing facility is audited by an independent company to ensure that all quality and safety standards are met. Please see our Certificates Section for certifications documentation.

To contact our Quality Control Department call Toll Free 1-877-220-5722 to or click here for a reply.

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