Colony Gums, Inc. is a third generation and family-owned business with a rich and proven history over the years. Originally known as the Colony Import and Export Corporation and incorporated on November 21, 1938 in New York, the original Colony Import and Export Corporation offices were located at 11 East 44th Street in mid-town Manhattan.

Mr. Herman Muhlsteff and Mr. Henry Price started the company importing shellac, mica and various other products for both the food and industrial industries. With their expertise they were summoned by the war department during WWII and worked from Washington to help secure and import materials for the war effort, playing a critical role in keeping specific supplies for the United States flowing. In April of 1951, Mr. Herman Muhlsteff’s vision for the future of the company differed from that of his business partner. Wanting to focus more on hydrocolloids, Mr. Muhlsteff acquired the company wholly in April of 1951 in order to move forward with his new direction for the Colony Import and Export Corporation.

In 1965 John Muhlsteff, the son of Herman, joined the company. He subsequently helped to establish an in-house laboratory, increase product safety and worked with the synergism of combined hydrocolloids to create stabilizers, some of which the company still uses today. In 1985, with the support of his aging father, John moved the headquarters of Colony to their hometown of Garden City, New York.

In the late 1980’s, sadly, Herman Muhlsteff passed away and the reins of the family company were then passed to his son, John. With a passion for working in the laboratory, John continued to develop and pioneer new ideas in the ever-growing field of hydrocolloids.

In 1988, Christopher Muhlsteff and in 1994 Robert Muhlsteff, the sons of John Muhlsteff, joined the company. In 1996, the three of them collaborated to build a state-of-art gum processing facility in Holtsville, New York and moved the headquarters there.

In 1999, Chris and Robert purchased the business from their father and moved it to Monroe, N.C. From the ground up they built a new building, implemented new advanced machinery, and built a new laboratory. Currently Chris and Robert carry forward the high work ethics of both their father and grandfather and are pleased to bring Colony Gums, Inc. into the twenty first century.

With a rich history in imports and hydrocolloids, and over 79 years of experience, the Colony Gums, Inc. team would be glad to serve you in any of your hydrocolloids requirements.

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